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NYT Article: Steps for More, and Better, Sleep

Joan Lunden

I am FOREVER searching for a good night's sleep so this article immediately caught my interest today, Check it out!

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Top 8 Shocking Facts About Skin Cancer

Joan Lunden

May is National Skin Cancer/Melanoma Awareness Month. I am bringing this up to everyone because skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, with over one milli...

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The Today Show Segment: Electronics in the Bedroom are Harmful to our Sleep

Joan Lunden

My ears perked up this morning when this segment came on The Today Show featuring my friend Dr. Nancy Snyderman. We keep hearing about the important role sleep plays to o...

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Mental health

BREAKING THE SILENCE: Spotting and Dealing with Mental Illness

Joan Lunden

Today marked an important day for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School, as they returned to school for the first time since the horrific shooting last month.

Funny doctor quotes

How to be a better patient & have better doctors appointments

Joan Lunden

I want to share with you, a terrific new health campaign to help you become a better patient and to better understand what your cholesterol or blood pressure numbers actu...


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Visits To Your Doctor - An Important Note For Vets

Joan Lunden

For many years I took my children to a wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Jeffrey Brown. However it was only when I read a recent newspaper article about him that I learned he h...

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Cholesterol Conversations: It Takes 2!

Joan Lunden

I am excited to launch a very important campaign today about the importance of having conversations with our doctors about cholesterol as a risk factor in heart health.


Joan Lunden's Top Tips for Keeping Your Family Healthy

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden has long been an advocate for healthy living and as a mother of seven, she practices what she preaches.


Keeping Baby Safe: Crib Safety

Joan Lunden

I have a rather unique perspective on baby safety, since I had my first three children in the 1980s and then about 20 years later I had my next 4 children, 2 sets of twin...

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Healthy Living

Joan Lunden

What comes to mind when you think of taking risks with your health—driving recklessly, or maybe abusing alcohol or illegal drugs?