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Breast Cancer

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Your Breast Cancer Screening Questions Answered

Dr. Jocelyn Rapelyea MD

You asked and we found a doctor to answer. Here's what Dr. Jocelyn Rapelyea, board certified Diagnostic radiologist & professor at the George Washington University school...

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Women Want to Know Their Breast Density and Discuss with Docs Screening Beyond Their Mammogram; New Survey Says

JLP Staff

New Are You Dense study in JACR shows vast majority of American women want their breast density information and conversations go up between docs and women when notified a...


Celebrating Survivors: It’s Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. James D. Huysman

Celebrating cancer survivors forges hope; for without hope, all is for naught.

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The Voices That Matter Speak: California Women Overwhelmingly Want the Breast Density Law to Stay

Nancy Cappello

California Women's Voices are Loud & Clear/Keep CA Breast Density Law in Place #SB1034

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Living Life with an Exclamation Point

Mary Beth Gibson

Cancer has taught us to embrace life and live it enthusiastically and passionately and with exclamation! But you don’t have to have had breast cancer to live life with an...

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Dense Breast “Inform” Laws Can Vary, Why it Matters

JoAnn Pushkin

34 states, encompassing over 84% of American women, now require some level of breast density reporting to a patient after her mammogram.

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What Breast Screening is Best for Women Who Have Had Breast Cancer?

Wendie A. Berg, MD, PhD, FACR

For all women, the earlier a breast cancer is detected, the less likely it is to spread to lymph nodes or elsewhere in the body and the easier it is to treat...

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The Power of a Wig

JLP Staff

My name is Cheryl Tankersley and this is my story.

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5 Fashionable Ways to Tie a Headscarf During Breast Cancer Treatment

JLP Staff

Try out these 5 creative, fashionable ways to tie a head scarf while undergoing chemo-therapy.

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Mother-Daughter Memoir Shares Inspiring Story Behind Gingersnap Cookies

Susan Stachler

Life can change in an instant, but I hope our story is proof that you can choose to be Unsnappable. Read more about Susan's story here.

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