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Babies and Car Safety: 5 Things to Know

JLP Staff

Car seats are crucial for protecting your child in the event of an accident. Here are 5 things to review to make sure you're keeping your baby safe in the car.

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New Moms: Need an Activity? Try Yoga with Your Baby!

JLP Staff

The following are some of the best yoga poses that will also help stimulate the development of your little one while simultaneously helping you work off that extra baby-w...

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My first baby has a baby!

Joan Lunden announces the birth of my grandson, Mason.

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I'm bursting with Joy!

Joan Lunden

I'm so excited to announce the birth of my first grandchild, Parker Leigh.

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Keeping Baby Safe: Crib Safety

Joan Lunden

I have a rather unique perspective on baby safety, since I had my first three children in the 1980s and then about 20 years later I had my next 4 children, 2 sets of twin... in crib.jpg.image

2nd Infant Death Spurs a Repeat Warning for Drop-Side Baby Cribs

Joan Lunden

After learning of a 2009 accident that killed a seven-month-old infant in Colorado Springs, Colo., federal authorities have reissued a recall order for close to a million...