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How to Prepare for Your First Spin Class

JLP Staff

From how to choose your class to what to bring on your first day, here are 5 tips to ar-riving to your first spin class like a pro.

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The Differences Between 'Organic' and 'Non-GMO'

Chris Bekermeier

In the world of “clean eating,” it’s easy to blur the lines from one grouping to the next. You have locally sourced, farm to table, gluten-free, sugar-free, sweetener-fre...

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The Most Flattering Workout Clothes for Any Body Type

JLP Staff

Check out these workout clothes for the 8 most common body types and find the perfect athletic wear to help you feel like a workout warrior.

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How To Save A Life: From TV Shows to Gene Therapy

Melissa Hogan

Be the hero of your own story. This is Melissa's Story. Learn more about Project Alive here.

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5 Workout Snacks to Boost Your Next Session

Michael Morelli

Michael shares 5 workout snacks to boost your next fitness session. Read more here.

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5 Healthy Ingredient Alternatives for Guilt-Free Brownies

JLP Staff

Enjoy these tried-and-true butter alternatives for your next batch of brownies so you can have your cake (er, brownie) and eat it too.

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9 enjoy a stress free holiday season fairborne

Mind, Body and Soul: How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday

JLP Staff

Your health is never worth stressing over the details of your holiday plans. Take 5 to learn some proven stress-busting methods for the mind, body and soul and go into th...

How to beat the winter blues

6 Ways to Beat the Blues This Winter

JLP Staff

From taking time to play outside to staying active when you’re stuck at home, here’s how you can stay active and beat the blues this winter.

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Fall herbs and spices

The Health Benefits of Your Favorite Fall Spices

JLP Staff

Here’s a roundup of some popular fall spices and the nutritional benefits they can bring you and your family this season.

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Iphone apps to help you sleep

9 Apps that Help You Monitor Your Sleep

Michael Thurston

The technology that humans have developed in the last century and a half has drastically altered the way we have slept for hundreds of thousands of years.

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