Aging Well

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Stay Moving This Summer with These Low-Impact Activities

JLP Staff

Use these smart strategies to encourage movement and activity to stay healthy and fit while you enjoy the weather all season long.

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Medical Advancements that will Blow you Away

Joan Lunden

Wow boomers are really going to be unstoppable which these new advancements on the horizon tackling hearing and vision loss, and even wrinkles!

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What Do We Call Ourselves?

Joan Lunden

I asked, you answered! Such creative and fun ideas from my Facebook audience on what to call people 50-70!

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Baby Boomers and Social Media

JLP Staff

Many people like to use the age-old adage that says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But whoever makes these claims is badly mistaken, because baby boomers are util...


Next Avenue: Exercise Side Effects

JLP Staff

Regular exercise and physical activity are critical to keep you feeling healthiest, longest. With so many health benefits, people sometimes ignore the side effects of the...

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The Best Bikes for Boomers

JLP Staff

Before you hop on, check out these bike buying tips!


A Tool for Reinventing yourself & Pursuing your Passion: The 3rd of the 5 C’s of Acknowledgment, “Courage”

Judith W. Umlas

A Tool for Reinventing yourself & Pursuing your Passion: The 3rd of the 5 C’s of Acknowledgment, “Courage”

Children who are the favourite child more likely to suffer depression

Mom Always Liked You Best!

Elura Nanos, Esq.

Five tips to avoid sibling rivalry when caring for an aging parent

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8 Family Friendly Board Games You Can Play With Your Grandkids

JLP Staff

Are your grandkids constantly glued to tablets, smartphones, and televisions? Why not pry them away from their devices to enjoy some old-fashioned fun?

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Guide to Re-taking Your Driver's Test

JLP Staff

As boomers get older, they must concentrate on staying safe on the road, and some states even require them to re-take their driver's test at certain intervals.