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The Day I Covered Diana

Joan Lunden

Reporting for the Fox News Channel as a Special Royal Wedding Correspondent has brought back such memories of that historic day in 1981.


Healthy Snack Tips from Joy Bauer

Joan Lunden

I caught this segment on The Today Show this morning and just had to look it up when I got to my office so I could take notes!

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60 is the new 40!

Joan Lunden

I am scheduled to an interview today with a web site called and it made me think “Really? I thought for sure that sixty was the new 40!


Start your New Year with a Clean Slate!

Joan Lunden

Every year at this time, it has become traditional for people to make New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately most people don’t keep them. Even worse, people are frustrated...

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A Christmas Story for People Having a Bad Day

Joan Lunden

I got this as an email and I just couldn't help but share it! Happy Holidays!!

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Words of Wisdom Found in the Most Unexpected Places

Joan Lunden

While in Maine this summer Jeff and I took the kids out to eat several times to a restaurant called the Black Bear.

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9 Things You Can Do to be Happier

Joan Lunden

Now and then we all have those times where we just feel down, a little sad or unfilled with life. Not necessarily sad over any one thing in particular, but we're just in ...

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Simple Truths About Life!

Joan Lunden

I want to share with you an email that really made me laugh from the first line to the last. Simple truths about life!

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Three Men on a Hike

Joan Lunden

I love it when I get humorous emails from friends and from my Reveille campers. Here's one I got recently that I think will make you laugh.

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The Air Inside Your House May Be More Toxic

Joan Lunden

I made a resolution this year to try to go green in my life. It has turned out to be a little more daunting than I originally thought. During the holidays, my staff gave ...

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