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Baby Boomers have been unfairly stereotyped in the past as being technologically challenged, and many people like to use the age-old adage that says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But whoever makes these claims is badly mistaken, because baby boomers are utilizing the latest trends in technology in their daily lives.

However, social media is often a large concern for our generation because it connects us with people from younger generations who may not always see eye to eye with our knowledge and opinions. This begs the question: how can baby boomers feel more comfortable on social media?

Set Boundaries for Your Online Safety and Privacy

Today there are many people that wear their heart on their social media profiles. But most people would feel that this is a mistake that has the potential to invade your privacy. Remember that once you post something online, it will remain there for all the world to see.

When you are signing up for a social media service or creating an account, take the time to premeditate and decide where you draw the line on what information you will keep private and what information you will share with the Internet community.

Take Time for Quality Pictures

You’ll also want to make sure that you take great pictures for your social media profiles. If you post an embarrassing or poor quality picture of yourself online, you might find that you are on the receiving end of criticism, flak, and that jokes are made at your expense. Just make sure that the images you upload to social media sites are appropriate and that they wouldn’t expose any private areas of your life.

Don’t Be a Yes-Man (or Woman)

Instead of following the crowd like a sheep and saying yes to everything, don’t be afraid to say no every once in awhile. If you get a strange friend request or someone sends you a strange message, you have the power to decline their request. Remember that you don’t have to say yes to every social media request you receive.

Don’t Sink to Other People’s Level

If you don’t use the Internet very frequently, you’ll quickly find that the Internet is filled with people who ignorantly make claims, nasty remarks, and offensive statements in an effort just to get a rise out people. This practice can be called ‘trolling,’ but you should really pick your fights.

Don’t sink to other people’s level and engage in a dialogue with someone making extremely offensive posts. It will only fuel their ego as you give the attention they are so hungry for.

Start with One Social Media Profile

There are all sorts of social media technologies today such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and countless others. It may feel a little overwhelming trying to learn each interface at first, so it is wise to start with one of the more popular social networking sites before branching out to others.

Consider your motivation for getting on social media and do your research; does a certain platform seem like the best choice?

Given the way people use the social network. With the ability to add family and friends; share posts, photos and galleries and message privately, Facebook is the most common choice for those looking to enter the social realm.

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