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Best Apps to Help You Save for Retirement

JLP Staff

Here are our favorite apps to help you save for retirement so you can enjoy comfort and security in your golden years

Medicare and cancer

Navigating Medicare’s Coverage for Cancer

Danielle Kunkle

Turning 65 and aging into Medicare can be overwhelming for anyone. Doing so while treating for a serious health condition like cancer makes it doubly so. It’s natural for...

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12 Small Businesses to Start After 50

Annabelle Short

If you’re looking to start your first small business or your next and you are over 50 and join the new business startup generation, consider these.

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Reading Habits of 5 Successful Women — and What You Can Learn from Them

JLP Staff

When we see successful people, we can’t help but wonder how do they do it? Turns out, reading is a common habit among some of the world’s most successful.


Benefits of Physical Activity on Emotional and Mental Health

Annabelle Short

Do you ever just find yourself down in the dumps? Studies show that exercise might be just what you need.

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5 Regrets You Don’t Want to Have in Your 60s

JLP Staff

Whether you’re 20 or 59 years old, there are things you can do now to prevent feeling disappointed when your 60th birthday arrives.

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Challenges for Baby Boomers Caring for Their Aging Parents

JLP Staff

Baby boomers who are caring for aging parents have many considerations in their caregiving plan. Here is what you need to know about potential changes to programs which a...

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Financial Planning Tips: 5 Small Steps for a Bright Future

JLP Staff

Financial planning is the key to financial wellness, not just today but well into retirement, too. With these five beginner-friendly financial-planning tips, you’ll feel ...

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Differences in Men and Women’s Mental Health

JLP Staff

Mental health looks different for men and women. Here are a few prevalent factors that differently affect women’s and men’s mental health.

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Celebrating Older Americans & Mental Health

Dr. James D. Huysman

You are worth it! Spread awareness about mental health and celebrating older americans this month.