5 Workout Snacks to Boost Your Next Session

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When you workout, your main goal is to maximize the result of your hard work. Spending hours in the gym sometimes is not enough, one way or the other, you need support from supplements, like grass fed protein you take and the food you eat to maximize the result of what you do.

Here are 5 workout snacks to boost your next session:

Sweet potatoes and grass fed butter

Sweet potato is one of the top sources of carbohydrates, alongside oats and pasta, rice, potatoes. Carbohydrates are a known source of energy for people who are hitting hard in the gym. Other than carb content, sweet potato has numerous benefits:

  • Calorie control – as this has a lower calorie content than white potato, 112 compared to 168 calories
  • It has a lower Glycemic Index -  Eating food that has a lower GI tended to maintain your energy level longer as it digests slower, making you capable to perform all your hard routines in the gym
  • It fills up fibre – this snack is loaded with fibre. Fibre as you know is necessary maintaining healthy digestion, burning fat and control appetite. A cup of sweet potato contains around 8 grams of fibre
  • Higher Potassium content – Potassium is a type of mineral that contributes in electrolyte balance, nerve function and muscle control. An average adult who is hitting the gym and performs intense training requires daily dose of 4700 milligrams of potassium and one large sweet potato contains 694 milligrams, making you complete 15% of your daily potassium requirement

Grass fed butter on the other hand can provide you with the dose of medium-chain triglycerides that can support your immune system and boost metabolism. MCT in butter can be transformed rapidly into fuel for your body’s organs and muscles. Thus, instead of this type of fat turning to fat, MCT will turn it to something more important, which is energy.

Egg whites

Working out is the process of breaking down the muscle tissue and letting it repair to become stronger and thicker. Anabolic state is the time when your body is repairing, which will occur after working out. This state requires nutrients, making it necessary for one to consume nutritious food.

Eggs, egg white in particular has good amount of protein with practically none of the cholesterol and fat. It is highly nutritious and contains protein that can help you maximise the result of your work out.


A cup, which has a total of 213 calories of dry roasted peanuts free of trans fats and calories provide 7.9g of carbohydrates, 3 g dietary fibre and 8.6 g of protein. Even though the fat content is a little high at 18.1 g, undesirable saturated fat is only 2.5 g; the remainder of which is healthful polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which is important for nourish growing muscles and proper joint function.

Minerals, Zinc and Niacin are all helpful to boost the result of the workout, and all these minerals and nutrients are present in peanuts.


There are many reasons why oatmeal is a good snack to consume to boost your next workout session, it can help you work harder and let you recover a lot faster. Oats are full of complex carbs that digest slowly to receive a steady discharge of sugar to the bloodstream, allowing consistent level of energy, to minimise the chances of burning and crashing easily.

This snack is also rich in Iron, having a proper Iron balance lets the cardiovascular system to perform at optimal levels to fill muscles with oxygen while performing strenuous training and actual competition. Fibre, Selenium and Vitamin B are other nutrients from this snack that can help you boost your workout.

Fruit and yogurt

Natural yogurt is mainly made up of carbohydrate and protein, with speckled fat content. It holds an amount of calcium that is important bone building mineral. Though carbohydrates are necessary to constructing up your energy reserves right after a gruelling workout, you as well need to aid repairing your muscle. And that is where protein comes in to play. Choosing a snack that is high in good quality of proteins and carbohydrates to refuel is recommended.

Thus, a combination of plain yogurt with frozen or fresh fruit for a powerful post workout snack is achieved. Consuming both fruit and yogurt will let you consume necessary nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, vitamins C, fats and other minerals and vitamins. 

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