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A Semester at Sea in 1968

Joan Lunden

This past week my 26 year old daughter Sarah boarded a plane at LAX - her destination, Tanzania. She is embarking for a trip of a lifetime to see one of the most beautif...

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Happy halloween

Trick or Treating Safety tips

Joan Lunden

Halloween is here again and (other than the expected rain) I can't wait for tonight's festivities! Having two sets of twins both under the age of 11 is wonderful, but it ...

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My Advice for Parents of Multiples

Joan Lunden

1. Many baby stores offer twin discounts if you buy two of the same thing.

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Financial planning piggy bank2

Financial Planning Tools from A Place For Mom

Joan Lunden

I wanted to share this great resource that A Place for Mom compiled. It's a list of 14 financial planning tools that are free! These calculators will help you determine...

James patterson best selling author campaigns for literacy cbs

James Patterson on CBS This Morning

Joan Lunden

This interview caught my eye today on CBS This Morning and I had to share it with you. Famous author, James Patterson is on a mission to encourage reading among our child...

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Happy Mother's Day!

Joan Lunden

I had the opportunity to contribute to for Mother's Day along with my friends at A Place for Mom and I wanted to share it with you on this Mother's Day...

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Dont text and drive

I am taking the pledge for my family!

Joan Lunden

When texting and driving became a big news story, I came down hard on my 20-something daughters, begging them to promise me they wouldn't use their phones while driving t...

Elise amanda baby

Marissa Mayer making moves during Women's History Month

Joan Lunden

There has been a lot of talk about Yahoo's Marissa Mayer putting the brakes on her employees telecommuting and just today we heard that now Best Buy might be following su...


Helping Children and Youth After a Crises Event

Joan Lunden

The tragedy of Friday's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School is devastating and unimaginable. For those of us with children, it presents a challenge of how and what ...

Kids to vote 2%281%29

Tomorrow is Election Day and I’m taking my children with me to Vote... are you?

Joan Lunden

Election Day only comes around every four years and it is one the best opportunities to teach our children about the importance of playing an active role in our democracy...

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