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The Best Apps for Picky Eaters

JLP Staff

Whether it be our children, our partners, or ourselves, everyone knows a picky eater. These apps will help find recipes and ingredients for everyone!

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Holiday Foods That Can Be Fatal for Your Dog

JLP Staff

Dogs are frequently very clever and mischievous beggars, but the excitement and smells around Thanksgiving are enough to send their brains into overdrive. The following a...

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What Moms Need to Know about HPV Vaccination

JLP Staff

The discussion of the HPV vaccination for teenagers and younger children can stir up some heated debates, here is why….

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New Moms: Need an Activity? Try Yoga with Your Baby!

JLP Staff

The following are some of the best yoga poses that will also help stimulate the development of your little one while simultaneously helping you work off that extra baby-w...

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My first baby has a baby!

Joan Lunden announces the birth of my grandson, Mason.

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6 Things That Used To Be Loads Easier Just 50 Years Ago

JLP Staff

Technology has made our lives easier in so many ways, but there are certain things that aren't as easy as they once were.

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Teach kids about money

The Allowance Question

JLP Staff

Most parents have the same questions: Should we give our kids an allowance? If so, how and how much? The following are tips to responsibly provide an allowance to constru...

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The Evolution of Mothers

JLP Staff

Times are always changing, and as such, different generations have very different ideas and perceptions regarding family units. One of the familial roles that has seen th...


5 Principles for Building a Strong Marriage

JLP Staff

Divorce rates have skyrocketed when compared to previous generations, and many people feel lost. Many good-hearted Americans genuinely want their marriage to succeed, but...

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Simple Ideas for Celebrating Mother's Day

JLP Staff

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, our annual celebration of mothers, motherhood, and family. Where did it come from, and how are you planning on celebrating?