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Competition is Healthy

JLP Staff

Competition is healthy, but collaboration is key in order to detect cancer earlier and reduce treatment costs. Check out this interview with Nancy Brinker, Susan G. Komen...

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Day Three of Recording

Joan Lunden

Today is my third day in the studio recording the audiobook for "Had I Known". Take a look at how the recording process is done:

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Recording "Had I Known"

Joan Lunden

Recording the audiobook for my memoir "Had I Known" which comes out September, 22nd!

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My Evening With The Pink Pals at Their Tribute to Living Well Event

Joan Lunden

Last Thursday I attended the Breast Cancer Tribute to Living Well Fund event in Portsmouth, NH. I had such a wonderful time that I want to share a video and some photos f...

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ALIVE with Joan: My 3 Month Checkup

Joan Lunden

I just had my 3-month checkup since ending treatment and the results are in...great news!

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My Day On Capitol Hill

Joan Lunden

I’ve visited Washington DC many times as a journalist, but never before have I been there as an advocate. And last week I joined efforts with Susan G. Komen and Are You D...

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Getting My Port Removed

Joan Lunden

Getting this port removed really does feel like the end of my cancer treatment. I know there is much that lies ahead, but today, I am going to celebrate this big mileston...

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Ask Me Anything, I'll Ask The Doctors!

Joan Lunden

I'm in sunny Miami right now to keynote the 32nd Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference. Each year, over 1,000 of the top surgical, medical and radiation oncologists come ...

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My Social Media Connections

Joan Lunden

Now that I find myself on the other side of the finish line, so many questions still remain. Where do I go from here? When will my hair grow back? Is it normal to feel th...

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My Journey Back To Normal

Joan Lunden

After 16 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and 6 weeks of cancer treatment is over. But, as many other fighters, survivors, and supporters out there know, t...