Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthy

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Joan Lunden

Beauty / / September 22, 2014

Healthy skin

Did you know that your daily life choices can have a strong impact on your skin? My friend and past makeup artist, Nicole Bryl, shares some DOs and DON'Ts on ways to help keep our skin look radiant and heathy.


Pimples - To reduce the volume of a pimple in a pinch, freeze it by holding an ice cube on it for 10 minutes. Then, before applying your makeup, saturate a cotton ball with Visine Eye Drops and press it to the pimple for another minute or so. This will minimize the redness.

Aloe - has amazing healing properties, helps to rebuild your cells and is an excellent drink to add to your daily diet. I for one, drink liquid Aloe with juice and water almost every morning and it has always kept my skin looking clear and fresh. Old age can be put off a lot longer if you replace your daily wine, beer or soda for instance with a daily routine of liquid Aloe mixed with water or juice, so consider trying it and see how great your skin will look, not to mention how great you will feel!


Smoking - Smoking creates so many unnecessary wrinkles and prematurely ages skin among other things, SO if you want great skin for many years to come don't smoke!

Alcohol - Alcohol dehydrates your skin and stresses out your liver making your face look dry, tired & worn out. Years of excessive drinking speeds up the aging process, so for longer lasting beautiful young clear skin, keep those drinks to an occasional one or two and only drink them now and then!

Aspartame - Aspartame is a poisonous sweetener! It's totally unhealthy and makes people break out, SO for less pimply skin don't drink so many diet sodas or ingest so much aspartame!!!

Never go to sleep with makeup on - Sleeping with makeup on really cracks and dries out your poor skin. It also makes you breakout and stops your eyelashes from rejuvenating over night which thins them down over time, so just make it a habit to spend 3 minutes before bed (even if you are exhausted) taking off your eye makeup and washing your face! Your skin will thank you for it in the morning!!!


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