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The best part about the seasons changing is that you get to change up your look. From bright, rosy pinks in spring to nailing that bronze glow in the summer to embracing all things mauve and plum in autumn -- the opportunities are endless!

Personally, I have my year-round staples, like foundation and concealer and mascara. But I love to switch up my eyeshadow palettes, lip colors, and even my blush with the changing seasons. 

I say winter is the perfect time to change, to start over, or to try something new. The best part about makeup is playing around to see what you like, and what works.

So what’s hot for winter this year? Let’s explore the top trends.

Seasonal Skincare

As always in the chillier months, you want to make sure you’re giving your skin the TLC it needs in terms of hydration and moisture. Whether that means using a serum instead of a cream, or trying a more heavy-duty moisturizer, ensuring the dry air (both inside and out) doesn’t damage your skin during the winter and winter should be a top priority.

In the mood to really try something new? Well, one of the top ingredients in skincare right now is castor oil. No, you’re not misreading -- it’s true! Castor oil is a vegetable oil created by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. Think of it as the new coconut oil, if you will. Why? Because of its healing properties!

Working castor oil into your skincare regimen can help heal inflamed skin, fight signs of aging, effectively moisturize, reduce acne, prevent stretch marks, fight dry lips (helloooo, perfect winter ingredient), and treat sunburn. Another great thing about castor oil? It’s affordable.

What’s Trending?

Lips: Berry is berry, berry good. I love that winter means endless shades of burgundy, merlot, plum, purple, and even almost-black. Remember, the deeper the shade, the more dramatic it looks. You can try a lipstick, lip gloss, or a stain. Pantone’s color of the year for 2018 is a vibrant purple hue, so yes -- berry purples are in.

The summer is reserved for more dewy, glowing makeup. On the other hand, winter is a good time to bring back the bold and dramatic mattes. As the weather continues to get colder, opt for a matte lip to pair with your winter makeup.

Eyes: Spice things up with an electric pop of color! Metallic in all shades is what’s hot right now. Not feeling so bold? The new color theme I've been playing with is reds, berries, and even coppers. Bold copper lids are on trend this season. It's a very romantic, sexy look that really compliments any eye color.

These colors are soft enough that you can extend past your crease without crossing over into clown territory. You can play around with matte shades, but my personal favorite shadow for the season is a shimmery copper. It’s distinct but still soft and romantic.

Haven’t gotten into the smoky eye trend yet? Well, now’s the best time to try! Smoky eye is the classic sexy look. Brush black and grey eyeshadow on your lids and rim your eyes in kohl for a smoldering look.

Face: Pearly highlighters add a subtle, dewy glow that is sometimes missing outside of the summer months. Also look for peachy shades! Peach undertones work on all manner of skin tones and add a lovely warmth that is perfectly peachy for winter -- when our complexions really need a little warmth.

Bonus: Here’s a makeup tip you may not know. Make sure to apply your concealer after your foundation. You will be shocked at how little concealer you actually need, and the best part? You save on buying concealer, big time.

Lashes: Go bold or go home. If there’s one thing you don’t want to skip out on, it’s adding a few extra coats of mascara to your lashes. Give them a flair for winter and let your lashes be a little extra dramatic this season.

Liner: Liner. Is. Everything. Especially during the winter! Summertime makeup tends to err on the more “natural” side, but bring me all the drama for winter. I’m seeing a lot of strong, winged liner looks on the winter fashion runways; some styles as dramatic as covering the entire eyelid with black liner and adding a strong flick at the end.

Nails: You can’t go wrong with cool grey. Far lighter than a charcoal grey, cool grey is the perfect everyday neutral. Midnight blues and deep plums are always a gorgeous option for a fancy night out or just to feel wintery and fabulous. Looking for something a little fun, and a little different? Go metallic! One or two coats of any metallic shade pack a gorgeous, dramatic punch.

Get Into A Good Routine

As your calendar changes for winter, make sure you develop a routine that works with your new schedule. The best base for any good makeup routine is to have a good skincare routine.

Try picking certain days to do certain things-- like applying a facial mask every Sunday, or capping off a tiring week by exfoliating on Fridays. Maintaining a solid skincare regimen will help to ensure your makeup has the best canvas!

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