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Joan Lunden

Beauty / / January 30, 2013

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For nearly 20 years, I woke up every day at 3:30am to do Good Morning America from 7–9am. With three little girls and a never-ending schedule, I was always worried about my eyes looking “tired.” Luckily, I didn't inherit terrible eye bags in my genes; however, no matter how you slice it, exhaustion can bring this syndrome on for any busy woman.

I recently read in a magazine, “Your eye area is like a Facebook status update: it reveals everything about what’s going on in your life!” This is important to remember when considering how we maintain this sensitive area of our faces. The appearance of the skin around our eyes can make us look sad, happy, tired, old, young, or attractive, and these things do matter. We might think that a tired-looking eye area is just something that makes us feel unattractive, but actually, looking tired can hurt us in other parts of our lives.

Studies show that looking tired can actually set you back in the workplace. When an employer looks to hire or promote, they're usually looking for a go-getter, a hard worker, and a positive person. Looking worn out can give off the impression that you're overwhelmed, lazy, or not up to par.

So, how can we make sure that our eyes look radiant and refreshed every day? First of all, getting enough rest is key. We should always make taking time out for ourselves, relaxation, and stress reduction a goal and priority. Maintaining a healthy diet, watching our sodium intake, and drinking lots of water will also help with this area of our faces. And, of course, using proper SPF protection when we're in the sun will help preserve this sensitive skin, too.

The other key ingredient that helps the appearance of my eyes is a cream that actually does what I want it to do! When I added Murad Renewing Eye Cream into my daily regimen, I quickly noticed a difference. My skin felt hydrated and refreshed, but more importantly, it looked like my fine lines and dark circles were diminished and it helped improve my skin's firmness. I felt great and people noticed! I get more compliments on my skin now than I ever have and that’s exciting!

People say, “Our eyes are the windows into our soul,” so we have to keep them healthy. I treat the skin around my eyes just as sensitively as my eyes themselves so I can try to look as good as I feel!
—Joan Lunden

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