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Joan Lunden

Beauty / / July 24, 2014

I don't wash my hair every day - unless of course I'm on-camera or at a photo shoot. I’ve always worried about my hair getting dry and over worked with the daily blow drying to be camera perfect. When I did Good Morning America I would look for opportunities to a take break from my usual daily shampoos and other products. That way I would give my hair a break and let the natural oils work their magic.

My hairdresser has always recommended that I use non-detergent shampoo so that my hair color lasts longer. Another good trick for shiny healthy looking hair is to finish a wash with a cool-to-cold rinse. The cold rinse seals the hair's cuticle - and brings a natural shine to the hair.

It’s also a good idea to rotate a few favorite shampoos - you'll find that changing shampoos will help to bring out the best in your hair. Some brands are formulated to give your hair extra shine, others are designed to add body and some will make your hair softer. It’s a good idea to experiment and learn what shampoo works best for you depending on what you want for that particular day and what the weather is like. Knowing how your hair reacts to different products will help you to decide what hair care routine works best for you. I also find that the hair dressers in my salon are incredibly helpful, since they have tried them all on every type of hair imaginable.

Now and then it’s important to pamper our hair to keep it looking health. At least once-a-month I use a heavier, deep conditioner. I usually do this on a weekend or a day off in case my hair gets too silky soft to hold the curl properly. For a more intense treatment, apply the conditioner and then wrap your hair with plastic wrap (like they do in the salon). Once a month when I go to the salon for my hair color, they condition my hair and leave me under a heat cap for extra deep conditioning.

I learn a lot from my hair dresser, and my colorist. (I remember when I was a teenager I did my own color – yikes – but these days I leave it to the professionals). I know that finding the right hair dresser can sometimes be tricky. Think about asking for a consultation before committing to an expensive salon appointment. I’ve always found that I have to try different ones and let them have a chance. You have to give them an opportunity to experiment with you a bit until you find the right stylist and the right style. But take the time to do this on days when it’s not so important to make sure that you and your stylist are ready to go when you have a really important occasion.

I think it’s a good idea to clip pictures out of magazines that you like to give a hairdresser some direction, since they are not mind readers. However don't be a slave to the current trend and ask them to make you look like Madonna if that’s not your look. The key to finding your own style, is finding what looks best on you and not necessarily what's on the cover of Vogue. You can't assume a style you like in a photograph is going to work for you. A good professional can help you translate that which you like in pictures to that which will look good on you. But it’s important that you find your own individual style. Find a style that compliments your face. Ask your hairstylist to show you how to style your hair yourself when you are at home. You want to be sure it’s something that you can handle, so that you don’t end up frustrated every time you try to get yourself ready.

A hair stylist once told me “You should dye till you die”

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