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Let’s face it: we could all use a spa day. Today’s world moves very fast, and people everywhere spend their days frazzled, trying to balance work, family, and other responsibilities. But while we may need it, only a few of us have the time (or money) to be pampered with professional spa treatments. Oh well - back to work, right?

Wrong! With some creativity (and a few extra items on your grocery list), you can turn your own home into a spa oasis. Whether your need a luxurious bath, a soothing face mask, or time in the sauna to sweat out your stress, you can have it. So, lock the bathroom door and get ready to treat yourself!


Foods For Your Face

People have been making facial masks out of food for centuries, and over the years beauty experts have tried it all. While I can’t say I condone the raw meat masks of the 1900s, there are many beauty recipes that can do wonders for your skin. Just poke around your kitchen and you’ll find everything you need.

If you have dry skin, an avocado, olive oil, yogurt, and honey mask will pack your pores with moisture. Banana, baking soda, and turmeric treats acne-prone faces. For bright, glowing skin, try out a mix of papaya, honey and egg white. Find your favorite recipe and try it (but be careful not to get anything in your eyes)!

A Blissful Bath

tOnce you’ve got that mask on your mug, you’ll want to relax while you wait for it to harden. This is a perfect time for a bath - particularly one that is infused with calming essential oils. Add coconut oil, lavender oil, or any other oil (pick your favorite) to your bathwater. Then, just sit back and enjoy.  

If you want to take your spa bath to the next level, you can infuse your water straight from the faucet. Pack a tea infuser with rose petals, dried herbs, oatmeal, whatever you wish. Then, attach the infuse to your faucet. As the tub fills up, you’ll have sweet-smelling, luxurious water - ready for you to soak and relax.

Simulate A Sauna

When I began trying out spa hacks, this was the only one I couldn’t get my head around. Avocado face masks? Makes sense to me! Homemade rosewater? Bring it on! But a home sauna experience? Nonsense, I thought. A sauna requires a specially-designed room, high-tech equipment, things that I don’t have in my bathroom. Sorry, no chance...

Turns out, a home sauna is totally possible! All you need is a hot water and a little time. First, cool the room (you’ll get more steam if it’s cold). Turn on the hot water. Let it run; in a few minutes, your bathroom will start to steam up. Sit on the edge of the tub and enjoy!

Don’t DIY Everything

Of course, it’s important for us to note that not every spa treatment has a DIY equivalent. For example, I wouldn’t dare trust my husband to give me a deep tissue massage (magic though he claims his fingers may be). One push on the wrong pressure point and he may end up doing more harm than good! 

Facials and pore extractions are also procedures you should leave to the pros. While you can use masks and cleansers to perfect your skin, an unpracticed hand with a pair of tweezers can cause facial scarring. Instead of trying to DIY, save up for the occasional trip to the dermatologist or the spa. Your pores will thank you. 

These days, life can get crazy in the blink of an eye. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed! With these DIY spa treatments (and the occasional splurge on a professional procedure), you’ll be able to take on the world while feeling and looking your best. In fact, you may find that you can’t afford to go without these little self-care breaks. After some “spa-time,” you’ll feel more alert, less stressed, more productive, and even a little bit happier. When it comes to self-care, a little bit can go a long way.

Looking for more DIY spa suggestions? Check out the infographic HERE for recipes and tips to help you become your best, brightest, and most relaxed self.

Infographic source: www.campuseye.com


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