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Do you love Joan’s new look?

Before cancer treatment, Joan's hair was fine, silky and straight. After chemotherapy, her hair grew back coarse, thick, and curly! This change in texture and thickness required a change in products. For example, I used to use heat activated products to add firmness and hold. Now, I use  fewer products, all designed to maximize volume with her new style. 

Additionally, having color and the highlights in your hair helps hold volume.

Here’s how to do it yourself!

Shopping List of Hair Products:

Cleansing: Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo Relax Smoothing Shampoo

PreppingPhytoVolume Actif Volumizing SprayWella EIMI Extra-Volume Mousse

Style and FinishSchwarzkopf Osis Thrill Fibre GumL'Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray

ToolsSmall Spornette Ceramic Round Brush #260Medium Spornette Ceramic Round Brush #265  

Steps to Achieve Style:

  1. Wash hair with Kerastase Shampoo
  2. After washing your hair, apply volumizing spray to your roots only.  It is important to not miss any sections of your hair when applying the spray. 
  3. Next, use two large baseball sized pumps of mousse to your hair. You might need to use more or less product depending on your hair type and length. 
  4. Now it is time to blow dry. I recommend drying in sections.
    1. Start by drying the sides and the back of your hair with small metal or porcelain brush. It is very important to roll metal small brush vertically, pushing hair towards the back of your head, while drying the sides. 
      1. TIP 1: For maximum results, Stretch the ends of your hair to keep hair straight, while maintaining volume at your roots.
      2. TIP 2: To maintain volume at the root, pull the brush towards your face while rolling backward.
      3. TIP 3: I also recommend drying using an over-directing technique, or wrapping hair over the brush as if it were a roller. 
    2. The back of the head is dried by rolling small metal brush horizontally making sure ends are straight with volume at the roots.
    3. For the top, use medium metal brush to roll hair up and back to maximize volume.
    4. Dry the bangs using the brush to stretch hair to the side.
  5. Rub a small amount of wax evenly between your palms. Slick the sides of your hair back.  Apply a small amount of wax to the bang area. You can use the residual product on the top of the head for added texture.
  6. Finally, I suggest backcombing the hair on the top of your head to make sure there are no "holes" or spaces between sections for added volume.
  7. Finish it by spraying with hairspray.

Now its your turn! Try her look and share a picture of how it looks!


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