5 Reasons We Don't Have to Fear Aging

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Aging Well / / May 22, 2015

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Our parents and previous generations didn't have access to technology and healthcare advancements that we have come to take for granted these days. Thanks to this, aging is getting easier. Sure, there are still changes and challenges, but it doesn't need to be as scary as we once thought it would be!

1. Technology Advancements

People of all ages are using the Internet more and more every day. Even if you aren't the most technically inclined person, it is easy to find another family member who is that can help you browse the web.

Our modern Internet has a vast wealth of information concerning health and treatment options that older generations simply didn't have access to. Websites like WebMD and even Wikipedia will at least be able to give us a general working knowledge of health concerns before we seek professional help.

2. Medical Advancements

Today the medical institutions can care for patients in ways that weren't even dreamed about in past generations. Modern doctors' abilities to provide effective healthcare treatments is only increasing year after year, thereby improving the quality of life and longevity of their patients (us!). From high blood pressure to psychological problems, there seems to be a pill for just about any malady.

Furthermore, our knowledge of maintaining our health and our understanding of the human body have grown exponentially. There are many custom-designed fitness courses that are especially suited for maintaining your health as you age.

3. You're in Good Company

Our generation is the largest aging American generation in history, so there are many other people going through the same thing! In the twenty years following World War II, we were part of the more than 78 million children born. Now more and more of us are reaching senior status every day, but we're all doing it together. Don't worry and don't be afraid—you're in good company.

4. Retirement and Care Options are Changing

Fortunately, there is more good news. Nursing homes and other similar care facilities are not quite as popular as they were in the past. We now have a lot more options to meet ourneeds without having to resort to unfavorable environments and situations. The sheer amount of resistance to these types of facilities has led families to become tighter and look after each other. Our vehement opposition to resorting to care facilities has opened the eyes of our loved ones. We want to spend time around our loved ones and our friends. We want to live our lives in the communities we have roots in. If someone tries to persuade us to consider a care facility, they will be met with fierce opposition!

5. Technology Facilitates Our Independence

The modern marvels of technology have drastically increased our general safety and thus make it easier for us to maintain our independence. Safety mechanisms on automobiles such as rear-view cameras and advanced braking systems make it much easier to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Because of these advancements in healthcare and technology, there are fewer roadblocks to aging. If you feel like you are starting to get a little older, relax! In the course of human history, there has never been a more favorable time to age gracefully.  

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