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HerScan: Doing More in the fight against Breast Cancer with Easy Access to Ultrasound Technology

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Joan Lunden

Breast Cancer / / April 29, 2015

In February while at the Miami Breast Cancer conference I learned about HerScan Ultrasound clinics that are being conducted all over the state of Florida. The HerScan program provides much needed access to ultrasound testing using the latest state-of-the-art ultrasound technology with highly experienced Breast RDMS Sonographers and Board Certified Breast Radiologist. The HerScan program makes it easy for women to be scanned as it's affordable, there is no prescription required and for those in the greatest of need, HerScan offers free screenings. Because of HerScan's great effort to help women get the additional screening they might need to detect breast cancer early, here is an article about their clinics and what they are doing to help those women most in need.
Easy Access to Ultrasound Technology has been challenging and is an important issue facing women today.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. (W.H.O
Studies confirm that mammography misses every other cancer in dense breasts. ( The problem is nearly half the female population in this country have dense breast tissue.
Early detection is everything in the fight against Breast Cancer.
Mammography is recognized as the best preventative screening tool to image the breast, but falls short when imaging women with dense breasts as its imaging technique cannot see well through dense breast tissue.  Cancer shows up in white in mammography and so does dense breast tissue. (It’s like trying to find a snow ball in a snowstorm.)
Ultrasound technology is an excellent tool to image the Breast and can see cancers that cannot be seen on a mammogram. An ultrasound images all the way to the chest wall.  
While insurance companies can make it difficult to have access to Ultrasound; that is unless something is seen on a Mammography screening, and mammography misses every other cancer in women with dense breast, (Berg,et al) women can’t get access to Ultrasound easily.
A Florida based company, Visiblemed,LLC and the HerScan program make it easy for women to have access to important Ultrasound whole breast screenings, enabling women to DO MORE for their breast health regimen toward the prevention and early detection of Breast Cancer.
The HerScan health clinics are being offered throughout the State of Florida, Monday - Saturday and are expanding services to provide important access to powerful state-of-the-art Ultrasound technology, using Board Certified Radiologists, and highly experienced RDMS Breast specialized Sonographers, with a program that helps save lives.
Educational materials are provided  at each HerScan Health Event, helping women learn about dense breast tissue and the importance of asking their doctors the question; “Do I have dense breast tissue?”. (Journal of National Cancer Institute)
The HerScan Cares Program was created and is available for those women most in need, which provides free ultrasound screening.
Bridging these technologies result in significantly higher detection rates of breast cancer from approximately 47% to 98% than mammography alone. (Berg, 2012) (  The HerScan Program bridges technologies with the addition of Easy Access to ultrasound. 
Mammography alone is not enough for all women. 
For more information go to
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World Health Organization website:
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