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The Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation...Building hope one grant at a time

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Joan Lunden

Breast Cancer / / April 28, 2015


Last month I had the privilege of speaking at the Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation’s Fundraising Luncheon in New Mexico. The NFHF is a wonderful organization that provides support to thousands of people in New Mexico by raising funds to help fight breast cancer. Over the years the NFHF has raised thousands of dollars and changed the lives of so many within the breast cancer community that I want to share an article from them that showcases their work...

The Albuquerque, NM-based Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation (NFHF) is an independent, non-profit breast cancer educational outreach and fundraising organization. The money NFHF raises stays in New Mexico to support other organizations that provide breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, support, and assistance for patients around the state. NFHF has touched thousands of lives and raised thousands of dollars annually through grants, which have totaled up to $50,000 per year.

Some of the organizations NFHF support are: the American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Resource Center, UNM Cancer Center, Cancer Services of New Mexico, Cancer Support Now, and Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation, plus many others over the years.

The grants made annually by the Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation assure the fulfillment of the mission of the organization, providing education and support to New Mexicans with breast cancer. 

Each autumn, the Grant Committee issues requests for proposals to as many organizations as possible that provide these essential services to breast cancer patients.  When all proposals are submitted, the committee, formed of present and past NFHF Board members, meets to consider that year’s recipients.  The grants are judged according to their fulfillment of the mission, specific use of funds, anticipated results, number of individuals to be served, and other criteria. 

This process, perfected over many years, assures that the funding raised by NFHF will benefit as many New Mexicans in need as possible.  The partnerships formed through this process are the centerpiece of the Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation. 

A Successful Collaboration 

The Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation (NFHF) Grant collaborative between the Anita Salas Memorial Fund and the YWCA Women’s Health Equity Program is a distinctive and special grant. When this grant was open for requests, the Anita Salas Fund and YWCA got together to create a unique relationship to offer women a seamless continuum of care, from breast imaging through biopsy and treatment.

If not for the Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation, this coordination of services would not exist. We came together because of this grant opportunity. Now we serve women, and men, who no other programs are available to help — those who fall through the cracks of eligibility due to age, insurance, or cost. We provide support, guidance and pay for their medical services.

Women, and men, are able to receive screening and diagnostic mammograms and then have biopsies as needed, to find out if they have breast cancer or not — and if they have cancer, to get treatment for it. We are able to reach people who are not getting the medical care they need, and let them know services are available and make them appointments.

We help them quickly to proceed through the continuum of care to assure a timely diagnosis. We are so very grateful and appreciative to the Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation for years of support — opening doors to access to care and breaking down barriers to services.

~ Diane DaCamara, Aussy Levi, Project Directors, YWCA Health Equity Program/The Anita Salas Memorial Fund 

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