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5 Fashionable Ways to Tie a Headscarf During Breast Cancer Treatment

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If you're currently going through breast cancer treatment, you’re not alone.

Although cancer rates have been gradually decreasing since the year 2000, 2017 was still estimated to have about 252,710 new cases in women and 2,470 in men.

Being diagnosed with cancer or other critical illnesses can be overwhelming. Not to mention the difficulties of navigating chemo therapy and the possible side-effects, like hair loss, mood swings, and fatigue.

But keep your chin up, because the odds are in your favor. Every day, women just like you are beating their breast cancer. In fact, the average 5 year survival rate for cancer is presently at 90%, and 99% for breast cancer.

No matter your circumstances, you deserve to feel strong and beautiful. Hair loss from chemo therapy doesn’t have to stop you from looking and feeling confident.

Headscarves can be a fashionable and trendy way to strut your style while you navigate your way through your treatment. That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 creative, fashionable ways you can tie a head scarf while undergoing chemotherapy.

The Twist and Shout

This fun and flattering tie requires long rectangular scarf. It goes well with almost anything, and makes for a nice way to dress up a flowy shrug or comfy sweater.

How to do it:

  • Place the scarf so the front is in the center of your forehead
  • Pull each side over your ears to meet at the nape of your neck like a low ponytail, and tie them into a knot
  • Bring the 2 sides around the front to meet again at the front of your head, and twist them together to the ends.
  • Pull the twist around your forehead like a headband and tuck in the ends

Feel free to experiment with where you tuck your twist for some added creativity.

The Classic

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this timeless classic. This look typically works best with a square shaped scarf. Plus, it doubles as sun protection during the warmer months.

Wear it with a cute Jackie O inspired vintage dress or outfit to complete the look and get the child like joy of playing a little dress up.

How to do it:

  • Fold the scarf in half to create a triangle shape
  • Drape the triangle over your head with the widest part facing forward and lining your upper forehead
  • Cross the 2 ends under your chin and place ends on the back or side of your neck
  • Tie ends into a square knot

Up in Knots

This tie requires a thin, narrow scarf, which means low coverage. It makes for a great wrap when you want to let your head breathe a bit in those warm summer months.

How to do it:

  • Fold the scarf in half the long way, and center it at the nape of your neck
  • Bring the ends to meet above 1 ear, and tie in a double knot
  • Twist the sides together to the ends
  • Wrap the twist around the knot and tuck in the end

Rosette Wrap

The Rosette is a common go-to for cancer patients and fashionistas everywhere, thanks to its easy process and versatile look. Not to mention it only takes 1 minute! How’s that for efficiency?

Feeling an extra lag today? This look goes great with any of your outfits. Toss on a t-shirt and jeans and you’re done!

How to do it:

  • Place the middle of a rectangular scarf on the middle of your forehead
  • Bring ends to meet in the back, and double knot
  • Pull the knot to the side of your head
  • Twist both ends
  • Wrap the twisted ends around the knot
  • Tuck in the ends

The Bohemian

Are you a hippie at heart? Then this fun and flirty Bohemian look is the one for you! Wear it during any season with a comfy, flowy dress or skirt.

How to do it:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns a bit with this look.
  • Place the scarf on your head unfolded with one edge along your forehead
  • Knot both ends on the back of your head
  • Move the knot to the side of your head and make a large bow

Pro-tip: If you don’t like the bow, let the ends fall loosely to the side for a more casual look.


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