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Joan Lunden

Joan's Blog / / August 30, 2016


On August 1st, I decided to take a challenge on Instagram where I would post a picture every day for the entire month that represented what it meant to me to be #StillSurviving. It was a surprisingly rewarding and fulfilling experience that forced me to stop and think about what I was thankful for and what drives me to keep going. I was touched by how many people joined me in this to make August truly a month to remember for me!    
It seems like so many of us are leading crazy busy lives these days. Days can often be filled with stress and after a  while we can tend to miss the wonderful little moments that make life wonderful. I know that being a new cancer survivor, my experiences made me a lot more cognizant and appreciative of the little joys in my life.
But the truth is, aren’t we all still surviving something? It doesn't have to be a life threatening disease. It might be the loss of love one, a bad break up, an argument with your teenager (yes we do need to survive those), or maybe it was just a crummy day. Big or small, they make an imprint on us and sometimes we have to work a little harder to consciously look for those things that bring us joy in our life. For me, this could be a beautiful sunset, my dog Bentley cuddling by my side, a great book, or even my morning cup of coffee.
So, I decided to share these small moments that bring me happiness and celebrate the little joys that remind me that I am #StillSurviving. Here are some of my favorite highlights from last month:

And I was blown away and truly inspired by some of the wonderfully artsy pics from some of you! Here are a few I found inspiring...


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