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Prep your Fall Wardrobe for the Early Morning Rush

JLP Staff

Are you ready for the most stylish season? Have you heard that fall cleaning is the new spring cleaning? I love these tips for how to keep your wardrobe ready when you ar...

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Women’s Fall Fashions that Fit Every Age

JLP Staff

Fall is in the air — the leaves are turning red, the air is crisp, and it’s time to swap your shorts for sweaters.

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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends: 5 Looks You’ll Love

JLP Staff

From creative to conservative, these Spring 2017 fashion collections are ready to indulge every mood and attitude.

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The Bra Book’s 10-Point Fashion Formula To Finding The Perfect Bra

Jené Luciani

What can shave ten pounds off your appearance and make you stand up straighter in a snap? If you answered the right bra, you would be correct!


Clear your head and warm your heart - clean out your closet and donate to others

Joan Lunden

So I have this huge closet in my basement that my family calls “The Dressing Room” and it houses my entire wardrobe from years of my career.

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