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Walk with Walgreens - Daily Steps to Health

Joan Lunden

Are you ready? Let’s get walking! It’s easy, doesn’t require a trainer, special equipment or clothes and won’t cost you a penny.

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Walk with Walgreens kick-off event in Times Square!

Joan Lunden

Yesterday I helped kick off Walk with Walgreens, a fantastic new program designed to help get America walking!


Dance: A Perfect Way to Get in Shape

Joan Lunden

During the summer, I live in Maine where my husband owns and operates summer camps for children, and I love it because I climb the Camp’s 50 foot climbing wall, play tenn...

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Why Women Have A Harder Time Losing Weight Than Men

Joan Lunden

So here is the way the story goes. You and your man forge a pact: Together, you'll each drop pounds before bathing-suit season. Here's a tip: Do it his way.


Exercise for a Good Mental Attitude

Healthy Living

While improving your health is the primary reason for exercise, it also helps you feel better about yourself. And I don't just mean feeling good about the way you look.

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The Benefits of Exercise

Joan Lunden

I know you're looking at this section and saying to yourself, "Exercise: that's getting on a treadmill and sweating. That's boring, and I don't have the time."


Ways to get Moving

Healthy Living

What was that you said about not having time for exercise? We've heard that before.


Water & Exercise

Healthy Living

When you exercise, you lose an enormous amount of water, which must be replaced.

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What are your exercise goals?

Healthy Living

Goals first and foremost must be realistic. And to meet them, you need some sort of a map.