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Joan Lunden

Health / / May 22, 2011

Now that we’ve all decided to get walking together, let’s talk about some of the other things we can do to take control of our health and longevity.  While eating well and maintaining an active lifestyle are key, so is prevention.  All the research on aging tells us, that the length and quality of our life is only 30% hereditary and 70% up to us.  This means that we have to take responsibility in maintaining our bodies and knowing what is going on.

Regular checkups are a must.  
We would never miss an appointment to take our child for a checkup, or ignore a health problem of theirs, but somewhere in between shopping, cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring we seem to always be last on our own list, if we’re on the list at all.  We have to be sure to put ourselves on our “to do” list and honor our own wellness.  Put regular checkups on your calendar and make them a priority!

Know your numbers
Some of us put off important medical tests because we’re afraid to hear the answers.  Well let me assure you that knowing where you stand today, will drastically increase your chances of being healthy tomorrow.  Knowing your cholesterol, your blood pressure, and all your other vital health numbers will allow you to make the best decisions in your day to day life to live your happiest and healthiest.

Learn about your family history
Some studies say that over 40 percent of the population is at increased genetic risk for a disease like cancer, diabetes or heart disease.  By knowing your risk, you can make informed decisions regarding prevention and screening.  If your father had colon cancer at age 45, you should probably get a screening at an early age. Simply knowing these risks can save your life.  So ask your family members about their history.  Sit down and ask questions about medical history and current conditions.  Having a family medical history allows doctors to assess risk of certain diseases, recommend treatments or changes in diet or lifestyle habits, and determine which diagnostic tests to order and when. Knowledge is the answer, and family history is your first line of defense.

Pay attention to your body
I recently read an article that posed what I thought was an interesting question: Why don’t we treat our body with the same respect we treat our car!  And it’s true – if you are driving and a warning light comes on about your gas, low oil, or your tire pressure, you take your car right in to make sure that nothing is wrong with it, right?  Well let’s use that level of care and immediacy with our bodies as well!  If you have an ache or a pain, don’t just wait to see if it will go away… take yourself “into the shop” and make sure you’re well taken care of!

George Burns once said, “If I’d known I was going to live this long I’d have taken better care of myself!” 

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