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Joan Lunden

Health / / May 17, 2011

There are a lot of sneaky foods out there that are marketed to us as healthy options, but are actually high in calories, sodium, or sugars.  I got tricked one time by the all-too-sneaky and common culprit: granola.  During the holidays it is common to receive food as gifts from friends and family, and we know that most of them will most likely be indulgent snacks like cookies, cakes, cheeses and candy.  One year I received a basket from a friend of mine who I knew lived a very healthy lifestyle.  She’s a fit and active woman who is always in great shape.  I opened the package to find a beautifully wrapped package of granola.  As she is such a health conscious person, without even thinking I assumed that since she sent it to me, it had to be healthy!  Right?  Wrong!  About a week later I found the sticker from the package had fallen on the floor and I picked it up to read, to my surprise, that this holiday gift was costing me tons of calories with each bowl I was consuming!  That holiday season I learned that it is important to check the nutritional facts before assuming anything.  I also learned that as it turns out, even our healthy friends indulge around the holidays!

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