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Joan Lunden

Health / / June 07, 2011

With an incredibly busy schedule, I find that it is tough to stay on a fitness program and remain loyal to it.  It is easy to find a million reasons NOT to get active.  I strongly believe that a huge part of staying on track is accountability – if you are only answering to yourself, it is easy to ditch out of going to the gym or taking your daily walk.  One option is to team up with a friend or colleague, and another popular option is to work with a personal trainer.  

I have found that working with a trainer not only has taught me the proper ways to exercise to keep my body safe & healthy and how to get the maximum efficiency out of my workouts… but I have also found that working with a trainer gives me even more important benefits than bicep curl technique.  Trainers can be your cheerleaders, your motivators, and your challengers.  (I would probably stop at 25 sit ups, but she wants me to do 2 sets of 50… would I have pushed myself to finish on my own? I don’t know…!) They can help you understand how to set small goals that are attainable which is so important because achieving these smaller goals help to propel you to keep going. 

And to top it all off… trainers do one extremely important thing:  they make you set an appointment for your workout, which is SO important.  Because really, who wants to be caught out ditching out on a trainer who’s got their eye on you… and then, not to mention – get charged for it!!  

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Screen shot 2017 05 15 at 12.21.42 pm

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