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Joan Lunden

Health / / July 31, 2011

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When I first started on the Walk with Walgreens program I thought of walking as an exercise that I would include in my exercise program.  The more I began walking, and the more conscious I became of it, the more I began to realize that it is the easiest and most natural way to stay fit and feeling great.  Instead of trying to “fit in extra time” for walking each day, I began to see how I could incorporate it into almost everything I do.

Instead of waiting in the pick-up line at school, it’s just as easy to get out and walk for that 20-30 minutes, and you haven’t had to squeeze in any extra time.  Love it  -- I’m multi-tasking!  Instead of driving around for five minutes looking and waiting to find the closest spot in the parking lot at the mall, I now park in the furthest spot and spend the exact same amount of time walking in to shop (plus my new car doesn’t get any dings in it.) Love it!

I am now up in Maine and the magnificent landscape beckons me each day to walk through the tall majestic pines.  I love the fact that it reconnects me with nature.  I highly suggest looking for a park or hiking trails in your area – it’s really emotionally therapeutic to surround yourself with nature.  In fact, I always find that when I leave Maine, I am always at my peak fitness level and always feeling renewed reenergized and reconnected with my sense of play as well as with nature.  I’ve always wanted to share that with others which is why I started hosting my women’s weekend getaways here six years ago called Camp Reveille.  We are expecting 150 women to come this year from all over the U.S. and I will be leading them on walks through these beautiful grounds.  It’s my way of trying to inspire others.

I have been inspired by “Walk with Walgreens” and these days walking is not something I look to do now and then, if is a part of my everyday life and I feel sluggish if I DON’T get up and move!  I spend time walking time with my family, I’ve learned new places in my town to walk, I even have “walking meetings” with my staff on our way to pick up lunch every day.  This program has helped me realize that walking doesn’t really require extra time,  that it can be incorporated into all the things that already take up my schedule each day, and I can go to sleep at night feeling healthy and knowing that I’m not only added steps to my chart, but years to my life! 

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