4 Products to Keep You From Slipping in the Winter

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Winter is the season for hot chocolate, yummy baked goods, roaring fireplaces — and slippery surfaces outside. When snow and ice make it hazardous to go outdoors, you don't have to surrender to the weather and stay at home all day.

Use the following products so you can avoid slipping on snow and ice:

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Invest in Crampons

Many people think of crampons as a tool for mountain climbers and other rugged types, but crampons are just as useful within city limits. You can buy crampons that are specifically designed for urban environments.
For example, Yaktrax makes a product that can stabilize you as you brave the snow and ice. These city-style crampons are useful for people of all sorts, from professionals to children to retirees. They're lightweight, too, so they won't wear you out during your wintertime adventures.

Yaktrax aren't super expensive, so you can buy them in a few different colors to accommodate all your favorite winter shoes.

Shoe Adhesive Spray

If you would rather not go to the trouble of putting crampons on every time you step outside, you could try an adhesive non-slip spray for the bottoms of your shoes. The spray will boost your traction on all sorts of hazardous surfaces both indoors and out; you might be thankful for it on those slippery, over-waxed mall floors. The spray won't harm your carpets or other floors in your home.

When you apply the spray, carefully follow the directions. If you apply too much, it may take an excessively long time to dry.

Eventually, the spray will wear off. In case you forget to apply a fresh coat and end up slipping and falling, be sure that you're wearing your LifeAlert pendant so you can receive help to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Non-Skid Pads

Adhesive pads for the bottom of your shoes are inexpensive, and they're effective at helping to prevent slips and falls. Simply apply the pads to the bottoms of your shoes, wait 24 hours, and enjoy your increased traction.

Another perk of these pads is that, since they go over your shoes' soles, they can extend the life of your favorite footwear.

Walking Stick

You can pair a walking stick with any of the non-slip methods listed above. To figure out how tall your walking stick should be, stand up straight with your hands at your sides and have someone measure the distance between your wrist and the floor. Try to find a walking stick that is as close to that height as possible.

Make sure that your walking stick has a ferrule — otherwise known as a rubber grip — on the end. For maximum protection against slipping, replace the ferrule about once every six months or so if you use the walking stick often.

Winter can be a magical time of year, but it is also full of hazards. Whether you are running errands, going on vacation, or just taking a walk to enjoy the crisp cold air, you should take steps to prevent a painful and harmful fall.

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