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Having eyes that pop can totally make your look! Check out these tips to help lift and brighten your eyes. 

Eyelashes: I start with the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler at the base of the eyelashes and pump it slowly as you move to the end of the eyelashes. It is better to curl your lashes instead of letting them stick straight out.

Apply an Eyelid Primer: I like to use Laura Mercier Eye Basics and apply all over the lid as primer to even out the lid color. This creates the perfect blank canvas. The Eye Basics come in 6 shades, some a little more pink, others a little more yellow. Joan usually uses the flax or the Linen shade. 

Eye Shadow: I prefer to use a Sephora eye shadow taupe palette for Joan’s eyes. This palette has 5 shades of neutral colors to provide a range of colors to use on the eyelid.

  1. I use a light color (second from the left) all over the lid. This is like a second base.
  2. I use a darker shade taupe in the crease, but be careful to not go to close to the inside corner of your eye. For best results, blend the eye shadow in the crease from the outside corner upwards toward your eyebrow to give your eyes more lift.
  3. Then, I use a slightly darker taupe shade (second from the right) in the crease and outside corner of the eye to give more definition than the middle shade taupe.

Joan sometimes uses a light, frosty taupe (first on the left) right in the center of the eyelid at night for a little extra bling.

Add Eyeliner: We recently started using a product called Ink Liner by Kat Von D. I like it so much because there is a spring in the tube that allows for the perfect balance of liquid liner to flow: not too quickly and never messy so you can apply it gently.

  • Upper Lid: I recommend creating a line that follows the natural curvature of your eye. At the outside corner of your eye, widen the line a bit to give a little extra lift to your eye.
  • Lower Lid: We add a little line to the bottom of the eye to balance out the eyeliner on the top of the lid. This should be more feathered instead of a straight, harsh line. The Sephora palette I use for Joan can double as an eyeliner if you lightly wet your makeup brush before using the darkest taupe shadow on the palette (first on the right). This is a good trick to continue your line with a softer look.

Top it off with Mascara: Joan loves Maybelline Great Lash. This product comes regular or waterproof. Joan typically uses waterproof so that it will last longer. Waterproof is great if you are going to a wedding, or somewhere you might cry, or if it is really humid outside and you are worried your face will melt. But, if you are using waterproof, it might require a more substantial make up remover to make sure it all comes off at the end of the day.  

Smooth Under your Eye: I like to use Touche Éclat. This is a must have! Joan uses this for a little pick me up in the middle of the afternoon. You just click it once, dab, and blend under your eye.

Another great under eye product is Laura Mercier's Secret Cream Concealer. It is like an eye cream and concealer blend. Joan always has this in her purse. This is a great refresher and can be applied to the inside or outside corners of your eye, the sides of your nose, or around your lips. 



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Joan’s go-to hair and make-up artist, she jokes that she “doesn’t leave home without him!”  Born in what was then called Yugoslavia, Emir Pehilj comes from a small town near Dubrovnik. After completing his education in Europe as a hair stylist, Emir launched his career in New York, assisting Serge Norman and Gavin Harwin. Emir has also worked as a makeup artist and eyebrow specialist at Bergdorf Goodman’s John Barrett Salon. He studied under celebrity makeup artist Laura Mercier and worked with the famed Linda Cantello. With the guidance of these beauty professionals, Emir developed his own techniques. His talent and experience catapulted him into the world of haute couture. Emir has done hundreds of makeovers for real women. He is most renowned for his eyebrow shaping. Clients have joked that eyebrows done by Emir are the most cost-effective facelift…and there’s no anesthesia necessary! “I find inspiration in the women I work with.  A client will find that I’m able to enhance her look while staying true to who she is.” –Emir

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