The 10 Habits of Highly Organized People

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Joan Lunden

Joan's Blog / / August 09, 2016


You know those folks who seem to have it all together? Many of them follow these few simple rules:

  1. Foresee and Avoid Problems – Organized folks will take a few minutes to rearrange the cabinet now rather than chase scattered and fallen items when the messy stack of bowls topples over.
  2. Make Peace with Imperfection - Efficient people put their effort to the most important projects, like work or a home redesign project. But they are efficient with other projects, like bringing cookies to a school bake sale. It might be best to purchase store bought cookies rather than bake the perfect round cookie.
  3. Never Label Anything “Miscellaneous” – Putting a bunch of papers into a single file or a random assortment of items into a box might be easy in the moment, but a few weeks later when you are trying to remember where you put something, it is likely you will have forgotten where you put it.
  4. Schedule Regular Decluttering Sessions – Spending 15 minutes regularly organizing your surroundings can be more efficient than spending hours once items have piled up around you.
  5. Stick with what Works – While it is great to try a new product every now and then, highly organized people tend to stick with the same product that they know works best for them rather than trying a new line of makeup every time they head to the store.
  6. Create a Dump Zone – Find a space to corral all of the stuff you do not have time to put away the moment you step in the door. Once you are ready to organize, you will not need to hunt all over the house for unorganized items.
  7. Walk away from Bargains - Just because you can buy three bottles of olive oil for the price of one does not mean you should. Asking yourself, “Do I have something similar?” or “Where am I going to put this?” before purchasing can help your home stay clutter free.
  8. Ask for Help – Organized people are willing to pick up the phone and ask for help organizing or for company to bring items to a gathering to save from needing multiple ingredients that later have to be organized.
  9. Separate Emotions from Possessions – It is healthy to be attached to certain items, but organized people are realistic about the sentimental value of items and are not afraid to part with worn or unimportant items.
  10. Know where to Donate – Many people do not like to throw away unwanted items, so they just keep them. Organized people are familiar with donation centers in the area. It is easier to part with belongings if they are going to be used or repurposed by someone else. 

Try a few of these tips and let me know if they help! 

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