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As many of you already know, I take skincare very seriously!  I have always felt that the way my skin looked and felt could tell a lot about how I actually felt and how I was taking care of myself. Since I began my relationship with Murad skincare, my skin has never looked better, however it is not just what you put on your skin, it's what you eat, how you feel, and how you take care of yourself as well. (My friend Dr. Howard Murad founded his Inclusive Health program that is founded on this exact philosophy.) 

This morning The Today Show had two dermatologists, Dr. Melanie Grossman and Dr. Jannine Downing share some secrets on how to get better/healthier looking skin. Here's what they had to say: 

  1. Keep your loofah and razor out of the shower - Because of the hot, moist steam your razor and loofah will start to accumulate bacteria.  It's best to keep them out of the shower in a dry area of your bathroom and change them frequently. 
  2. Try and sleep on your back - Believe it or not, some people (mostly dermatologist) can tell what side of your face you sleep on by just looking at you!  As you sleep on your face, you crush your face and that can cause you to get more wrinkles.  You should also sleep with a satin pillowcase.
    The satin material acts as a shield and doesnt strip your face of anti-aging products and moisturizer though out the night. 
  3. Mix up your exercise routine - Exercising everyday is so important and it gives your skin a natural glow, but having the same repetitive routine everyday can strain your skin.  If you are a runner and you run everyday, you can lose the fat in the lower part of your face and as you age it shows up as sagging and wrinkles. 
  4. DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES - Keep your hands away from your eyes and face. They contain germs and can easily clog your pours. Sit on your hands, put ice packs on your eyes or take anti-histamines if you feel the need to rub or itch your face. When it comes to taking off your make-up, make sure you take it all off! But be gentle. Try to stay away from scrubs or other harsh liquids. Use your weakest finger when applying eye cream and always moisturize in an upward motion. 
  5. Always wear sunblock - Wear sunblock everyday, even during the cold winter months. The UV rays are strong and can cause wrinkles or even worse, skin cancer.

See The Today Show clip here

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