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It can take a long time to place your loved one in senior housing. This can be a big transition. The sooner seniors and their caregivers start their search, the better! 

Did you know that it can take:

  • 47 days on average to place someone in senior housing for assisted living customers and 51 days for those looking for a retirement community 
    • 75 days if the senior is trying to sell a home
    • 31 days for seniors who require medication assistance 
    • 21 days for bedridden seniors 

The median time it takes the company to place a person in senior housing is 46 days. 

The 5 key factors that influence timing include:

  • Care Needs: Does the senior moving have mobility issues or need medication management or memory care?
  • Relationship to Resident: Is this search for you, a friend, a client or a family member?
  • Finances: Are there assets, income, benefits, or a family budget in place? 
  • Search Area Income Level: Does the senior's income match that of the area in which they are looking to move? 
  • Time of Tear: Do you need to schedule the move around a planned surgery, the weather, or selling your home?

There are resources available to help you and your loved one plan for a future move. One interactive platform that might be helpful is A Place for Mom's Move In Timeline Calculator. This tool accounts for mobility level, budget, needs, and more. 

A Place for Mom also recommends these three steps to help find the best senior care facility during this transition:

  1. Figure out your Budget
  2. Research your Options
  3. Tour the Facility 

This can be a bit transition for many families. Based on my own personal experience as a caregiver for my mom after my brother passed away, it is best to take the time to sit down and have that family meeting to make a plan for what would happen when the time comes that an aging parent needs more daily care. Hopefully these resources can help! 

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