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October is Bullying Awareness Month

Tracy Vega

What do you think of when you hear the word bully?

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Grandparents webcam

Staying Connected With Grandparents – My Article in the Huffington Post

Joan Lunden

It can be unnoticeably easy for our children to get caught up in their busy schedules, but staying connected to their grandparents is so important! Read more about how t...

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Gifts and The Gift of Giving

Joan Lunden

The other day I saw a fun advertisement that was encouraging educational gifts for girls that can spark their interest in math and engineering

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A Semester at Sea in 1968

Joan Lunden

This past week my 26 year old daughter Sarah boarded a plane at LAX - her destination, Tanzania. She is embarking for a trip of a lifetime to see one of the most beautif...

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Is your college grad moving back home? Mine just did!

Joan Lunden

Mooommmm, Daaaaaddd, get my bed ready....I'm moving back home!