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It’s finally that time of year again! The holidays are here, which means it's time for gift giving and the 'hottest new toys.' But instead of buying them the latest mind-numbing video game or a boring old pair of tube socks, you might be better off giving them a gift that will stimulate their mind, allow them to express their creativity, and promote mental development.

But what on Earth do you buy your kids or grandkids that is both fun and promotes development? If you aren’t sure what gift to purchase but you know you want to promote learning, consider the following presents you can buy this holiday season. These toys should all be familiar; they've stood the test of time, and there's good reason for that!

Toy Musical Instruments

There are a wide variety of toy musical instruments to choose from these days. From toy guitars to faux keyboards, you can find just about anything. The best part about these toys is that they let children express their curiosity while simultaneously helping them develop an interest in music. Studies have even shown that musical education helps children develop in other areas of their life, too.

Artist Sets

You can find artist sets that are chock full of different mediums such as paint, crayons, pastels, and markers. I know many parents would cringe at thought of the messes that could be made with these kits, but if you have toddlers or other little ones, all you need to do is apply a little supervision or opt for a no-mess kit. They make paints these days that are water soluble and easily washable, and these types of 'toys' help children develop their creativity.

Play-Doh and Clay

With clay and moldable materials, the sky's the limit—children can create just about anything. From fun cookie cutter shapes to molding animals, molding clay and Play-Doh is a great developmental tool that is fun to use. And they even make them in packs of vibrant colors that will help stimulate children’s minds.


Costumes are great for both girls and boys, whether they're putting together silly outfits or incorporating characters into their games. And as a parent or a grandparent, this gift idea gives you a lot of flexibility in your creativity as well. You don’t necessarily need to purchase pre-made costumes—you could throw together an assortment of different materials, fabrics, and accessories to let the children build their own costumes.

Building Toys

There are more types of building toys today than ever before, although the most popular of them all still tends to be Lego. With these types of toys, there really aren’t any limits on what the child might be able to build, and they encourage creative thinking while still being tons of fun for the kids. Your little architects will be able to reuse these toys by breaking them down and building new structures, too.

When children play, they use creative thinking, regardless of the toy. The toys listed above, though, open the doors to even more creativity as they provide children with a blank slate with which to build a new game or adventure upon.  

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