6 Things That Used To Be Loads Easier Just 50 Years Ago

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Technology has made our lives easier in so many ways, but there are certain things that aren't as easy as they once were. Times are always changing, and it's truly unimaginable that certain aspects of our childhood seem foreign and unthinkable to many of today's youths.

1. Letting Our Children Play Outside was Normal

In the good ol' days, you might even be considered strange if you didn't let your children play outside. Sure, bad weather might force you to reign in your children for safety, but almost everyone let their children play outside frequently.

These days, that doesn't seem to be the case, as many parents are too stricken with fear that they don't let their young ones play outside. The same dangers existed 50 years ago, of course, but the advancement of social media, the Internet, and 24-jour news networks has brought the most terrifying stories into our daily lives (no matter how rare they may be).

2. Air Travel was a Piece of Cake

Back in the day, traveling by airplane was painless and easy. Today, however, the hoops you have to jump through before you even set foot on an airplane are extremely irritating. Though most people agree that we need top-notch security in light of modern terrorist attacks and threats of violence, most people miss the privilege of boarding an airplane without having to first take off their shoes.

3. Remote Controls were Easy to Use

In years past, remote controls were elegantly simple and incredibly intuitive. Today, on the other hand, there is always some fancy new technology product that comes with its own remote that you need a specialized degree or the intelligence of a rocket scientist to operate. Video players, recorders, sound systems, and all sort of other gadgets each demand their own proprietary remote, and the next thing you know you have a whole drawer or basket full of nothing but remote controls.

4. You Didn't Have to Worry about Your Privacy

Short of someone peeking your windows, privacy used to seem so easy! Today, our privacy has suffered due to technology, and keeping a low profile isn't as easy as it once was. Between Internet crooks, data thief hucksters, and even some government agencies collecting data, you are much more hard-pressed to maintain your privacy these days.

5. Families Gathered for Dinner Regularly

The typical family unit seems to change every decade or two, but the way families interact with each other also changes. Family dinners every evening used to be the centerpiece of familial communication 50 years ago, but not so much in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world. Everyone seems too busy these days to take the time to make a hearty home-cooked meal and sit down with everyone to enjoy each other's company. Instead, people turn to social media to stay connected.

6. You Didn't Need to Worry about the Media or Television Content

The media has undergone some drastic changes, and most parents today constantly worry about what their children are exposed to on television. The days of The Andy Griffith Show are long gone – only to be replaced with violence and sexual content as seen on Game of Thrones or the latest reality drama involving desperate housewives.

What did we miss? Comment below and let us know what you think is only getting harder, despite all the advancements we have today.

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