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In my last article, I talked about three great websites for tween and teens girls as well as their parents and/or role models.  Similarly, this month I highlight three excellent websites for boys.  Fresh ideas and activities can be a wonderful way for young men to bond with new people and their parents or other adults.  So, if you have a special young man in your life, be sure to look at:;, and the boys’ health section of which can be found at serves as the website for the Boy Scouts of America.  However, for those whom may not already know, the Boy Scouts of America will soon allow girls to join.  Without a laborious debate on this issue, and as a Girl Scout, I am quite fine with the notion that males and females have their own gender-specific spaces to engage. 

At this time, appears to just aim toward a male audience.  Per the well-known Boy Scout quests of camping, Pinewood Derby races, and merit badges, one can find an array of excellent information.  This site also gives great tips on hobbies, outdoor gear, jokes and food.  Every Boy Scout and Girl Scout, knows the value of S’mores and this month, shares 10 Tasty S’mores variations, so get ready to adventure!

Geared toward teens and young men with a section also for parents, covers a variety of topics.  These topics include emotional, sexual and general health. Another section discusses medical conditions such as eating disorders, allergies, and gluten-free diets. 

In the parents’ section, one can find an array of information on how to effectively communicate with your son, how to support him, and how to stay aware of your child’s overall health.  The guidelines have been written by medical experts and can point parents in the right direction.  If your son prefers to get some guidance on his own, also offers a place for young men to ask questions. 

Next, has an entire section devoted to teen boys’ health.  This information can be found at  Some of the topics include strength training tips, facts about puberty, and peer pressure. This site also has quizzes so young men can test their health knowledge. 

Along with information for young men, parents can find boy specific material about a variety of topics if you put tween boys or teen boys in the search box.  Parents can find ways to help your son deal with his emotions, how to guide your son with big activities, and tips to talk to your teen son about sex.

Indeed, most of today’s tweens and teens have grown up with technology.  Hence, it would seem natural that they get much of their information online.  Thus, it behooves every parent to keep abreast of some of the positive websites for young males such as,, and’s section on boys’ health which can be found at  In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Give a boy address and accomplishments and you give him the mastery of palaces and fortunes where he goes.”


Have teen girls in your life? Check out my article last month highlighting three fabulous website resources for our girls. 

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