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Father's Day is this Sunday, so treat Dad to all of the things that he likes best. Whether it’s beer, barbeque, and The Doobie Brothers by the pool or a Mexican fiesta that forces you to try your hand at his favorite fried ice cream, go out of your way this year to make the day special for him. Even if your fried ice cream is a flop, he’ll appreciate the genuine effort!

Need some help thinking of what to do for Father's Day this Sunday? Throw him a BBQ! 

Men LOVE BBQs; some might like grilling over the fire and some might just enjoy eating, but regardless of what your man prefers, throwing a BBQ for your loved one will definitely put a smile on his face. So, if you're planning a celebration on Sunday in honor of the most important men in your life, read on for suggestions on how to make your Father’s Day BBQ uniquely suited for your main man!

Create Custom Dishes for the Party

Take a look at this great step-by-step tutorial from These Little on how to create grill prep plates for dad. Share simple messages about how much you appreciate him or show him your artistic side by creating different plates for beef, chicken, and pork. These plates are silly and sweet and dad is sure to use them well beyond Father’s Day. If you’re having a party, consider personalizing pint glasses with one of your dad’s classic sayings. My dad always trumps me in arguments (he thinks) because he has, “the education of life.” I may have rolled my eyes every time I heard it growing up, but now it just makes me smile. 


Embrace the Outdoors

Growing up, I never understood why my dad spent all of his non-working hours doing yard work--the worst! As an adult, it’s clear to see that he takes incredible pride in our home and enjoys being able to host friends and family there. Add functional decor elements to your gathering to encourage your guests to venture out into that well manicured lawn and explore. Dad will be sure to tell them about all of the different types of trees that are planted out there. Don’t admit it, but at this point, you could tell them, too!

Give an old wheelbarrow new life with a coat of gold spray paint. Once dry, fill with ice and cold drinks for guests. The wheelbarrow looks cool and will definitely be a conversation piece, while also being a functional, easily movable cooler.

Here are some more outdoor living ideas to make sure you have the perfect yard for your BBQ. 

While you’re at it, set up some tiki torches or white string lights to create a festive environment and highlight all of dad’s landscaping.

Keep guests entertained in the backyard with awesome lawn games. Set up dad’s favorites like badminton and cornhole and make some new memories with giant Jenga and Twister. Check out Babble’s list of, “10 Incredible DIY Lawn Games.” I guarantee you, what dad wants more than anything on Father’s Day is for everyone to be hanging out having fun together.

Screen Some Home Movies

Surprise dad with a walk down memory lane in his own personal backyard theater. Follow this simple tutorial to build your own outdoor movie screen. Bring out the dvd player, projector, and some speakers and enjoy childhood memories. If you have the time to edit, consider creating a special tribute to your dad--Dad’s Greatest Hits, maybe? Have blankets and cushions ready so that everyone can find a comfortable seat and pass out popcorn and other treats to enjoy during the show. 

I hope these suggestions have inspired you to create a Father’s Day celebration as unique (and let’s face it, goofy) as your dad! Sure, you always try to let dad know how appreciated he is, but go the extra mile on Father’s Day, like he’s always done for you. 


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