5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

It’s May 5th and today we celebrate Cinco De Mayo! But why? What is the history behind this special day?
In 1862, on May 5th, French forces tried to invade and take control of the Mexican city, Puebla. But Mexican army’s fought back, successfully defeated the French and kept control of their beloved city. So, every year on May 5th we commemorate the successful defense of Mexico’s great city.
Cinco De Mayo has been celebrated in southwest America since the battle in 1862, but in the 1960’s Mexican-Americans activists started raising awareness as a way to celebrate pride within with communities. 


Here are 5 fun ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year: 

  1. Take a traditional Mexican dance class! – May is also Physical Fitness Month and Mexican culture shines through the traditional dances of the country, so Cinco De Mayo is the perfect day to sign up for that Mexican Hat Dance class you have been itching to try!     
  2. Bring the fiesta to the dinner table - Celebrate Cinco De Mayo by serving Mexican food for dinner!  Get the kids involved by having them pick out their favorite meal and have them help prepare the fiesta! We love chicken tacos and this recipe from the Food Network look’s delicious! 
  3. A night out – Enjoy the holiday by celebrating with your family, or friends at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Ones with live Mariachi bands are the BEST. 
  4. Margarita Madness – Embrace the cliché and treat yourself to a nice cold margarita! Try these 5 classic margaritas with a TWIST from If you prefer non- alcoholic beverages, just leave out the alcohol and add a little more fruit juice to your drink of choice. 
  5. Make a Cinco De Mayo playlist – Now, these songs don’t have to be classical songs from Mexico. Take some of your favorite upbeat songs (the ones that make you smile and want to dance) and add them to your daily playlist. Jam out to them on your commute, at the gym, or at home while cooking tacos for dinner with you kids!

Here are some songs that will be on our Joan Lunden Productions Cinco De Mayo playlist:

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