The Perfect Holiday Gift for Every Coworker this Season

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Gift exchange in the workplace can be a great pick-me-up for the team.

It creates the opportunity to break away from the rigmarole of work to share your appreciation for each other.

But it can be hard enough picking out gifts for those family members and friends you see every day.

So what on earth do you get someone you have a professional relationship with?

You want it to seem thoughtful without being over-the top. You want to give them something useful, but not boring.

If you’re stumped trying to find an appropriate but fun gift for your boss and coworkers this holiday season, we’ve got the perfect guide for you

Read on for your ultimate guide to picking the perfect gifts for every type of coworker this holiday season.


The Comfort Hound

Comfort-based gifts work great for 2 types of people: the peer who’s a sucker for all things cozy (like warm socks and bath soaks), or the hard-working coworker who could use a bit of self-care in their daily grind.

Here are a few examples of comfort-based gifts that can give your coworkers a lift:

Desk humidifier

  • Winter is the driest season, which means not only dry skin but dry nasal passages and stale indoor air — both of which can result in more sickness.
  • A desk humidifier solves the dry air issue and helps keep your coworkers stay healthy and happy.
  • This desk humidifier even comes with an oil diffuser for extra stress relief.

Foot warmer and massager

  • If the chill of your office tends to affect certain coworkers more than others, let them know that even though you may not control the heating, you hear their cries for comfort.
  • This cozy contraption is fleece lined with heating and massage components.
  • It’s not bulky, and adds an element of luxury to an otherwise normal work day.

Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock

  • One of the comfort hound’s biggest enemies is the morning alarm.
  • Ease this tension by gifting your coworker an alarm clock that simulates a natural sunrise as the time comes for them to wake up.
  • This is especially handy for anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that worsens in the darker months of winter.


The Yogi

Does your cubicle neighbor take every chance they can get to drop into a lunchtime yoga class or try out a new meditation?

Let them know you support their journey of mindfulness by gifting them some tools to use in their path to nirvana.

“You Rock” Rose Quartz Air Plant

  • Any Zen enthusiast is bound to enjoy this charming rose quartz air plant.
  • Rose quartz is said to be the stone of universal love, which promotes harmony in relationships.
  • Paired with a magical air plant, or Tillandsia, this beautiful piece is sure to bring positive energy.

Buddha board

  • The Buddha board is a fun way to refocus throughout the day.
  • Simply paint the canvas with water, and watch your creation slowly evaporate.
  • This relaxing process will take your coworker out of the midday-lag and get their creative juices flowing again.

Accupressure mat

  • Beware, this is a gift you may want to borrow.
  • The Accupressure Mat is a Zen tool of the future.
  • This handy mat has 6,210 accupressure points that stimulate nerves and increase circulation, leading to better rest and higher energy levels during the day.


The Wandering Soul

Whether it’s your traveling boss, someone who works remotely, or just someone with the travel bug, there are bound to be items they didn’t even know they needed.

Encourage their wanderlust with these items that make travel a breeze.

Travel cord roll

  • Technology has never been booming as much as it is today.
  • With the abundance of gadgets comes an abundance of cords.
  • No one likes untangling and hunting for cords — help make your coworker’s travels a bit more tolerable with a cord roll that organized each cord and keeps them tucked away safely in a compact fabric roll.

Noise cancelling headphones

  • Whether they’re in the office or on the road, chances are they need some time to themselves to focus on the tasks at hand.
  • These noise cancelling headphones are affordable and well-reviewed.
  • They’re bound to allow your stressed coworker to escape no matter where they are.

All-in-one travel mug

  • See your coworker struggling with multiple cups every day?
  • This all-in-one travel mug allows for brewing tea and coffee or infusing water.
  • It’s easy to clean and has double walled insulation.
  • This gift is bound to become a staple in your coworker’s travels.


Buying for the Whole Office

Running low on time, and want to cover everyone in one fell swoop?

Order one of these gift boxes or baskets online and check the whole office off your shopping list.

Shari’s Berries Gift Basket

  • If there’s one gift guaranteed to please even the pickiest of coworkers, it’s food.
  • Choose from hundreds of beautiful snack baskets, place it in the kitchen with a nice note, and watch the smiles grow when everyone realizes their lunch just got a bit more indulgent.

Inspire box

  • The Inspire Box is a quarterly gift box curated to suit your office needs.
  • For just $15 a person per quarter, they’ll send you a special package full of inspirational office items for everyone such as planners, water bottles, and quote books.
  • An inspire box is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


  • If you work somewhere health-conscious or high pressure, the Nootrobox is the perfect gift for all your coworkers.
  • It’s filled with nootropics, or supplements made to boost cognitive functions. Whether your coworkers need to perk up or relax, they’ll be covered with these healthy and all-natural supplements.


Basic gift-buying guidelines

When buying gifts for a coworker, there are many ways to make it fun and appropriate.

Remember to keep all gifts Grated, and check your workplace guidelines before making a purchase.

While the amount you spend on a gift can fluctuate depending on your industry, number of coworkers, and level of office formality, a good rule of thumb is to spend $20 or less on each coworker.

Spending less doesn’t necessarily mean the value the gift gives the recipient goes down, though. Adding extra thought behind the gift can make it invaluable to your coworker.

Take a moment to think of what makes your workplace and each employee unique, and go from there.

Now that your coworkers are checked off your list, it’s time to shop for the next toughest group to choose gifts for...the teens and tweens in your family! >


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