Quick Tips for Pain Free Gardening

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Food & Home / / July 21, 2016

Many people find gardening to be a relaxing past-time activity. This hobby can quickly turn uncomfortable after a long period of time in the same position. These five tips can help ease the pain so you can enjoy gardening longer.

  1. Warm up: Before you get down and dirty, taking a 10 minute walk or doing some light stretches can loosen your joints and make crouching in your garden easier
  2. Change it up: Never stay in one position for more than 10-minutes to avoid cramping or overusing one muscle group
  3. Bend at the knees: Whenever you pull a weed or reach for the watering can, bent at the knees and contract your abdominal muscles to avoid straining your back.
  4. Avoid Kneeling: You will not tire as quickly if you keep only one knee on the ground at a time. This also provides your back with more stability. If kneeling at all bothers you, bring a low step stool outside to sit on.
  5. Cool Down: End your gardening session with a short walk and some light stretching. Taking a warm shower can help prevent next-day soreness, too.


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