Dance: A Perfect Way to Get in Shape

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Joan Lunden

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During the summer, I live in Maine where my husband owns and operates summer camps for children, and I love it because I climb the Camp’s 50 foot climbing wall, play tennis and hike the beautiful area mountains. I have also put together a workout group of about 12 women here at camp and we meet three days a week for a kick-butt session. Our workouts are 90 minutes of high energy training – high energy music – and high energy fun! Today we danced for our 90 minutes to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, RIP Michael – we’re all still tearing it up to your amazing sounds!

What I really love about my workouts with trainer Beth Bielat is that she always mixes it up and keeps it fun and interesting for us. We dance, we do step aerobics, we kick box, and we use free weights and bands. Studies show that participating in classes like these where you must listen, process the direction from the aerobics instructor and then translate that into physical movements will not only keep your body fit, but will also keep your mind alert! I like the sound of that - that’s great multi-tasking in my book! So put on some hot music and get up and start dancing!!

Dancers have long been revered for their long, lean muscles, strength and flexibility. Professional dancers must challenge their mind, body and spirit every time they step into the studio. Following intricate choreography requires that dancers memories be lightening fast. There is no separation between mind and body; dance takes extreme focus and discipline of the mind/body connection.

Come on, if you are going to sweat and work out for 90 minutes, why not have fun dancing. Rather than clenching our jaws at weight machines -- we start bobbing our heads to the beat as soon as our feet begin moving, and all of a sudden we can’t help but move our shoulders, then our hips! The adrenaline starts pumping and sweat is dripping down your face, but you don’t care because it feels so good to just let loose. Dancing is awesome! Dancing can burn calories, sculpt gorgeous lean muscles, train your mental focus and lift your spirit all at the same time. Dancing is physically demanding and can be a great way for anyone to get into shape.

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Screen shot 2017 05 15 at 12.21.42 pm

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