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Joan Lunden

Health / / June 19, 2011

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Being an active person, it was no mistake that I married a man who owns summer camps!  My husband, Jeff Konigsberg owns two of the top summer camps for boys and girls, located in Southern Maine.  This means that I am fortunate enough to have a nature-lovers playground for me to take advantage of. 

During the winter we head up to enjoy the winter wonderland.   The kids love to ice fish and take snowmobile rides and I love to go trekking through the snow.  Sometimes I take walks out on the lake which is completely frozen over!  I love that no matter how far out I walk I can still see them in the distance playing.  And sometimes, if I go way too far, they’ll come pick me up for a snowmobile ride back to camp!  I find that walking in the fresh snow is extraordinarily peaceful and almost surreal, it’s the unexpected walking conditions that sometimes turn out to be the best. 

I spend most of my summer up in Maine and I take morning walks almost every morning as well as hikes in surrounding mountains.  I have a fantastic trainer who knows the area and we try to never take the same exact trail.  This keeps it interesting and makes it into a group challenge instead of an exercise.  A few years ago we put a group together and we do all of our hiking and exercising together which makes it way more fun.  That’s how my girl getaway Camp Reveille got its start!  It is the ultimate in bonding and exploring nature as a group because hey, everything is much more fun with friends!  

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