Christine Moore

Recently, I was diagnosed with breast cancer after discovering a lump in my right breast. Further testing via an MRI discovered more areas of concern in the my left breast and under my right arm. At this point, the surgeon that I have been consulting with told me that I have stage III invasive lobular cancer. I am awaiting another couple of biopsies for those other locations.

I am so grateful to discover the list of things that Joan said she wished she had known about at the beginning of her journey. I too took my good health for granted and was lax when it came to my health due to such great genetic/family history. I am 61 years old and am currently on no medications. However, exercise and diet are a major challenge for me due to schedule, and basic laziness :-).

I do not know exactly what is ahead of me with regard to treatment. I do know that my pathology is positive for hormone receptors and negative for HER2. The surgeon that I have spoken to is recommending a full mastectomy.

What I have learned so far is that I am deeply loved, that I have an amazing set of friends and family, especially my husband and children who are solidly behind me.

I am very grateful for this website.

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