kathleen farmer


I am a ovarian cancer survivor. I was stage 3c in 2012 at 55 and am BRCA1+. A year later i had a PBM preventative mastectomy. Also my sister was stage 4 in 2003 and a suvivor and cousin as well....we were all 55 at time of diagnose. Now my 32 year old niece is fighting. She was diagnosed right after finding out she was BRCA1+ and i urged her to get the CA 125 a blood test for ovarian. I cannot believe this has happened to my family. No one talked of the Teal sister sister and we really need to get the Pink and Teal as one. My sister Debby 10 years after her horrible ovarian ordeal got TNBC 2B. Being BRCA i begged her to have the PBM when i did but she thought i was being a panic. Joan if you are BRCA2 and you consider or have had a BSO a preventive hsystertomy? I have not gotten your book yet but plan on it~ I really liked reading online bits and pieces or you journey. God Bless all the Pink and Teal sisters. sincerely kathleen

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