AnnMarie Otis

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I was diagnosed in 2012 with stage 1 breast cancer under went a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I had a full hysterectomy because of cysts growing right after everything. My recon failed so I had another surgery. My course of treatment was radiation. The truth is that it is after breast cancer when we sit back and wonder "what happened". We try desperately to adjust to the new you when everyone expects you to be the same. Sometimes, an unwelcome side effect of breast cancer treatment is the loss of your sex drive.

I never thought any of these after effects would hit me but they have. I want other woman and men to understand that we can discuss this topic to help get through this. I want all of us to be a voice together. I am now the community manager at Wisdo, an Internet platform that helps people take on life’s challenges, by equipping them with wisdom from those who have been there. We discuss this topic and more, so check out our videos and comments:

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