Dr. Cynthia Bailey

This is my surprise journey too. Last August, 1 month before my 55 birthday, I was diagnosed with two small tumors of TNBC and the BRCA1 gene mutation. Like you, I chose to have a port placed and it is most definitely the safest and easiest way to receive these very strong and potentially caustic chemo medicines. I would still get teary every time my port was accessed and I always had to look away - and I'm a physician. Also like you, I have had a meticulously healthy lifestyle for years. The diagnosis was shock as was finding out that I carry the BRCA gene mutation, which I seem to have inherited from a side of the family we knew nothing about. You look great Joan and you're making great decisions that are helping you tolerate the chemo. For me that was huge - I figured my new "job" was hydration, exercise and a clean diet and I did surprisingly well.

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