Denise Davis

A little suggestion for when I was going through my chemo, my fingernails would hurt so the doctor had me put my fingertips in ice water while I was getting the treatment. They did feel better. I didn’t hesitate in calling my oncologist when I got nauseas and was prescribed a medication that helped with the nausea. I always felt that the doctors where there for me and wanted me to be comfortable.

God does not give us anything that we can’t handle. I was told that during the process and it made me feel empowered and strong even though I felt miserable.

Once I found out I had breast cancer, I read everything I could about my diagnosis, called on two of my girlfriends who had breast cancer and asked a lot of questions. It was all so foreign to me and I had to know everything. Since it is in my past, with the exception of getting through the next four years and hopefully being cancer free, I have supported others that have cancer with encouragement and being positive for them. I see and talk with people when I am selling my soaps at farmer’s markets, fairs and festivals and there is a commonality and stories to tell. There are tears, laughing, hugging and that has been my support on the outside.

I am in a 5 year clinical study and they found that the support of family and friends is the biggest factor in getting through this part, along with eating the right foods. However, Joan, if you feel like eating ice cream, go for it, as I ate anything I ‘felt’ like during the process.

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