Cyndi Ryan

After months of fighting a strange reoccurring shingles I found a grape size lump in my breast. Had mammogram and knew it was cancer energy had plummeted and my body hurt everywhere! So, when I had ultrasound, biopsy and received the call from my physician telling me that is was in fact cancer I was ready, prepared and felt very strong. I am now 2 surgeries down and in my 9 th treatment of 12 on the low dose chemo. ( I did lose my hair about treatment 4, so far still have eyebrows and eye lashes!,) I also will do 3 months of a double dose chemo ....followed with radiation.

I've decided to relocate to be near the beach ....I love the beach and it makes me feel better. I have surrounded myself with loving caring family and friends . I let go of toxic relationships as well.

I'm looking forward to getting past all this, being back to normal feeling better then ever!

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